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Strategies for Virtual Literacy Instruction for Emerging Readers

Do your students tend to get a little wiggly when teaching online? Learn easy strategies for keeping kids engaged and active in your lessons!

Observing how easily children can become distracted during online reading sessions can lead to conflicts, such as constantly telling them to sit up, pay attention and stop moving around. These struggles can take away from the learning experience and make it difficult for the student to fully participate in the online session.

Provide choice for inflexible thinkers

As educators, we often rely on a set curriculum and structured lesson plans to teach reading skills to our students. However, this traditional approach may not be suitable for all learners, particularly those who struggle with inflexibility or have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). By providing choices and opportunities for movement and creativity within the lesson, we can keep our students engaged and motivated, while still addressing learning objectives. 

One simple strategy to try is to incorporate stickers or other visual cues into the lesson, and allow the student to choose a short activity related to the sticker, such as a quick movement break, drawing, or yoga stretching. This approach can help to foster a sense of autonomy and control for our students, while also helping to keep them on task and focused.

Get ready to move with them

When teaching growing readers online, it is important to keep in mind the unique needs of students who may struggle with inflexibility and ADHD. One effective strategy is to incorporate choices into the lesson, such as allowing students to choose a movement break or activity when a sticker is displayed. Additionally, building a strong rapport with the student can also be beneficial. This can include getting silly and moving along with the student, as well as incorporating music into the lesson and allowing the student to choose the song. By taking these steps, teachers can create a more engaging and effective learning experience for their students.

Add in quick games relevant to the goal of the lesson

As a teacher, it is important to incorporate interactive and engaging activities in the classroom, especially when working with students who may have difficulty with traditional, structured learning methods. One effective strategy is to incorporate games into the curriculum, as they can provide a fun and competitive element while still aligning with learning objectives. One way to do this is by using a simple board game and incorporating word cards or sentence strips. This allows for a fun and interactive way for students to practice their reading skills, while still maintaining the structure of the lesson. Additionally, it is important to build a positive rapport with the students by incorporating fun elements such as movement breaks, music and having the students choose their favorite songs, it allows students to have control over the lesson while still meeting the learning objectives.

Include mini breaks according to student interest

It is important to recognize that not all students respond to the same types of activities or breaks during a lesson. To ensure a smooth and successful lesson, it is essential to include mini breaks for students to engage in activities that they enjoy. One way to do this is by learning more about each student's interests and preferences. On the first day of class, a "Get to know you" game can be played to understand what activities and interests the student has. By incorporating activities that align with the student's interests, they will be more engaged and motivated to participate in the lesson. Additionally, it is important to not limit the options to physical activities, and instead consider other options such as drawing or other artistic activities.

Providing choices, building rapport, and incorporating games and mini breaks are some effective strategies that can be used to help students with ADHD or other learning differences to learn effectively while teaching online. At Learn with Koala, our reading teachers are experts in providing a structured and inclusive learning environment that caters to the needs of all students, including those with ADHD. Our teachers are trained to understand the unique needs of each student and use a variety of strategies to engage them in the learning process. Whether you are looking to improve your child's reading skills or want to learn a new language, our teachers can help you reach your goals. With Learn with Koala, you can be sure that your child is getting the best possible education and support for their learning journey. You can find and book those classes at this page.

Happy Learning!

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