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The Koala story

Welcome to Learn with Koala!

My name is Xavier, I am the CEO and co-founder of Koala.

Here is the story of Koala…

Our story started with neurodiversity

Koala was founded in 2018 to be an alternative to Zoom for neurodiverse children. More specifically, children with dyslexia and ADHD.
As simple engineers, Benjamin Roux and I were quite ignorant on the topic of dyslexia, so we dug into the research and reached out to people more knowledgeable than us.

While dyslexia is often seen as a disability, research shows that individuals with dyslexia often excel in areas such as episodic memory, big picture thinking and creativity. They learn better if the environment stimulates multiple senses: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic…

What if we could build a learning environment aligned with the learning profile of those kids? Could we turn their “disability” into a strength by changing the environment where we teach those children?

To make things more challenging, neurodiverse kids often suffer from high anxiety in the traditional classroom environment. We all know how cruel one can be in middle and high school.

So this environment had to NOT feel like a classroom, while still meeting the needs of online teachers, providing them with the right tools to conduct a class.

It was the birth of Koala:

We launched in August of 2019. Teachers helped us quickly improve the product as they, above anyone else, know what tools they need. Teachers told us what they needed and we built it.

The Koala environment showed very promising outcomes for students with dyslexia and ADHD. Kids were more engaged, less anxious and teachers, too, were having fun!

This unusual marriage between gaming concepts and research on the neurological strengths of neurodiverse children brought to life a product never seen before in an education space that was lagging behind in innovation.

Then Covid hit

As millions of kids around the world were struggling with Zoom fatigue, Koala started attracting students of all learning profiles. And they loved it!

Aren’t we all somewhere on the rainbow of neurodiversity after all? 🌈

With students from all horizons, Koala was blessed with the most fantastic community of teachers who have been pointing us in the right direction.

Now it is 2023, hundreds of thousands of classes have been taught in Koala: Literacy, ESL, Math, Bible studies, social emotional learning, science news discussion groups and much more.

We took the best of those classes by the best Koala teachers and aggregated them into one marketplace available at
Find the class that your children want in a format that they will truly love.

Welcome to the Learn with Koala adventure! 🐨

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