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The Koala pledge

Teachers at the core

Koala was built to serve teachers. Most Koala team members were raised in families of teachers and are teachers themselves.
Benjamin, the creator of Koala for instance, was raised by a mother who teaches English in France and a father who trains teenagers with a mental disability to get a job.

We believe that teachers should benefit from the highest salaries and the highest social statuses in our society and our purpose is to build that world.

When you buy a class on Learn-with-Koala, 90% of what you pay goes to the teacher.

We expect that Koala learners will show respect and gratitude towards Koala teachers.

Koala learners are the leaders of tomorrow and we hope they can take over our mission to build a society that treats teachers as they should be.


The Koala team and Koala teacher community considers learners’ safety as the single most important priority.

    We manually screen every teacher and class and this involves several steps:

  1. Application: we screen every teacher for their background, teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and motivation. We also assess their teaching setup.
  2. Review classes: every class description is reviewed by our team before it is published. We check for the quality and completeness of the class description, adherence to our Class Content Policy and the relevance of the teacher’s background and experience.
  3. Background check: we conduct a SSN-based background check for identity verification and criminal record checks before a teacher starts their first class.


While the Koala team is a small 11 people team, we are all dedicated to serving you.
We also need your help to keep improving Koala. So don’t go easy on us, let us how we can improve and let’s build the new age of learning together.

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